Civil Defence

Civil Defence in modern times is very essential for a civilized society. As the Civil Defence is always ready for the protection of any person, property, place or thing during any hostile attack, whether from Air, Land or Sea.. During the peace times humanity also faces other most dangerous calamities whether these are man made or natural... Read more

Law Enforcement

Our law enforcements at the federal, provincials, tribal and territorial levels are the backbone of our nation's domestic security and protection against crime and terrorist attacks. Our role is to provide technical assistance and equipment according to requirements to combat the culprits and to maintain law and order situation.... Read more

Covert Equipment

Surveillance equipment, kits and products for Law Enforcement - Cameras, video, night vision, airborne, antennas, surveillance van, sweep equipment, RF Jammers, countermeasure systems and much more, of top most manufacturers from EU Countries, Russian Federation, USA, China and Japan... Read more


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Public Safety