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Y-SAT Homeland Security was established in 1992 in Islamabad Pakistan. We are a large customer based organization; our customer list includes Armed Forces of the Country, Diplomatic Missions, Multinational Companies, local and foreign clients etc. We are providing consultancy, services and systems to our local and foreign clients. We always introduce and offer new state of the art technologies and systems to our valuable end-users.


Fire Protection

Early detection and quick response. Pre-engineered fire suppression systems provide fast, on-site protection at the earliest stage of a fire. Depending upon the detection package installed, the system response could be immediate or time delayed... Read more


The benefits that closed circuit television (CCTV) technology has brought to the world are plentiful. People have enjoyed a greater amount of security in their homes, businesses have been able to protect their establishments and provide their customers with a higher level of protection and security and Public places such as airports, banks, military facilities, casinos & more... have also greatly benefited by preventing possible crimes from happening... Read more

Civil Defence

Civil Defence in modern times is very essential for a civilized society. As the Civil Defence is always ready for the protection of any person, property, place or thing during any hostile attack, whether from Air, Land or Sea.. During the peace times humanity also faces other most dangerous calamities whether these are man made or natural... Read more

Law Enforcement

Our law enforcements at the federal, provincials, tribal and territorial levels are the backbone of our nation's domestic security and protection against crime and terrorist attacks. Our role is to provide technical assistance and equipment according to requirements to combat the culprits and to maintain law and order situation.... Read more

Covert Equipment

Surveillance equipment, kits and products for Law Enforcement - Cameras, video, night vision, airborne, antennas, surveillance van, sweep equipment, RF Jammers, countermeasure systems and much more, of top most manufacturers from EU Countries, Russian Federation, USA, China and Japan... Read more

Radio Frequency Jammers

You Can Buy Various High Quality Radio frequency Jamming Products manufactured and designed by top foreign companies. Intelligent RF Jammeris capable of jamming specific and wide range frequencies to protect lives and assets... Read more

Power Generators

We offer various types of electric Generators- gasoline, natural gas, and diesel powered electric generation sets. Our electric generator sets are ideal for all Industrial, commercial and residential use. We supply starting from 3 to 10 KVA for the small office and domestic use and up to 2,000 MW or more custom built Generators to meet the commercial and industrial requirements... Read more


Renewable energy is clean, affordable at domestic and commercial levels, and effectively infinite. It produces no emissions and results in cleaner air and water for all. Renewable power is future for the mankind, we offer variety of systems ... Read more

Industry Chemicals

We provide variety of chemicals including industrial and commercial requirements, technologies and insights to help customers create new and improved products and sustainable solutions for developments in different fields i.e metal, textile, agro, pharmaceutical industries etc ... Read more

Ballistic Walls

Available in bullet-resistant fiberglass, composite materials, ballistic steel and sand filled protective walls. Fiberglass Structural Armor: Advantages: Light Weight; Easy to install with standard tools; Cost efficient and great protection and safety for lives and assets... Read more

Traffic Management

Improved traffic management and control systems are widely reported to be cost-effective investments. Simply retiming signals can provide significant benefits by reducing vehicle stops, travel times, and fuel consumption. The installations of advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) can provide even greater savings and traffic violations could be easily monitored... Read more


Detections Devices including Bug Detectors, Hidden Camera Detectors, RF Signal Detectors, Audio bugs, Remote bugs, Debugging, sweeping, Wire Tap Detectors, Phone Security, RF Jammers, Early Warning Systems, Underground Detectors for Metals and valuables, Hidden Explosives... Read more

Armored Vehicles

An armored vehicle is used to transport valuables and money. The armored car is a multifunctional vehicle designed to protect and ensure the well being of the transported individuals and/or contents. The armored car is completely bullet proof and can withstand extreme degrees of heat. The car is mostly utilized by the military, but many famous vehicle manufacturers have created armored cars for civilian use as well... Read more

Medical Equipment

Clinics and hospitals can order patient-ready equipment along with unmatched customer services. Brand new and refurbished medical equipment from worldwide suppliers (best prices) which help them to achieve precise outcomes including patients comfort and confidence... Read more


Personal Touch Home Health Care is dedicated to delivering quality service and assistance to people with special needs. We offer the support and services necessary to function in a community-based setting. Personal Touch Home Health Care staff members have extensive experience in providing home care services to senior citizens and people with disabilities. Offering both short and long term care, we provide assistance for conditions requiring personalized care. We work very hard to give our patients the opportunity to live and enjoy a healthy, active and meaningful life... Read more

Airport Security

National security has become a top priority since few years after worldwide terrorist attacks. From armed guards to advanced screening devices, airports are a prime example of increased security measures. The intense scanning of luggage and the newest technology to scan passengers is made easier, these all steps are to secure the passengers providing them maximum comfort during travel... Read more

Public Information

Individual awareness tips and personal protection measures and countermeasures to help protect civilians, foreigners and their family members from potential terrorist acts and threats... Read more


Hobbies play an important role in the health and wellbeing of an individual, particularly seniors, by reducing the risk of depression and dementia. Hobbies can be an effective tool in reducing stress and lowering blood pressure, and hobbies that engage the brain for positive activities and better planning... Read more

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