Our law enforcements at the federal, provincials, tribal and territorial levels are the backbone of our nation's domestic security and protection against crime and terrorist attacks. Our role is to provide technical assistance and equipment according to requirements to combat the culprits and to maintain law and order situation.


RFJM BDSE BDS CJ RFJM RFJ PST * Prison JAMMERTBB  Night Vision BE-2 Vests IM-3P-CS IMLGS HM-07-RB IMESK-15 Supplies Counter Terrorism BP-3 LWBR-4 LWBR-2 LWBR-1 LWBR 78LT srn Promo POLICE LIGHTS 21  HQbugs * NVSW

* SDbug


* The BD

Nightscope NVG B-Rooms UVS UVSS * ED Radio Communication Charging Systems Profi Radio RC Handheld WRadios GAS MASK DEA SOE CDT MPSD